Masazumi Fujiwara, PhD

Research Professor / Associate Professor (Lab. Head)


Masazumi (Zumi) received his PhD in physics at Osaka City University in 2008. He worked for quantum nanophotonics at Hokkaido Univ. (2009-2014) and Humboldt Univ. Berlin (2013-2015). Since 2015, he has been working for quantum sensing at Kwansei Gakuin Univ. (2015-2016), Osaka City Univ. (2016-2021), and Okayama Univ. (2021-present).  See the detailed bibliography.


Yajuan Zou, PhD

Assistant Professor

ゾウ ヤジュアン,助教(特任),博士(人間・環境学)

Yajuan did her PhD study at Kyoto University (2018-2021) with a particular focus on nano-bio interactions. She worked for analytical chemistry and cytotoxicity of environmental pollutants in Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ. (2007-2017). Since Apr. 2021, she joined NanoChem Lab at Okayama Univ., where she will extend her research interest to the field of bio-nano-photonics.


​Eriko Suyama

Technical Assistant


Eriko is working on group administration and experimental support for our research. She knows best about Okayama among us!

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Keisuke Oshimi

PhD student, Receipient of Okayama University Felloship


Keisuke developed microwave antennas for nanodiamond ODMR in his master course. He is now interested in the relation between intracellular temperature and physiological phenomenon for the PhD study. He obtained BComm in 2019 and MSc in 2021 at Osaka City University. He loves playing piano pieces by Beethoven (Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement, Waldstein Sonata 3rd Movement).


Yuta Ikado

Master Course Student


Yuta is working on the development of nanodiamond-ODMR microscope for C. elegans applications. He is a graduate of Osaka City University (BSc, 2021).

Hina Kobayashi

Master Course Student


Hina is studying field-effect transistors of organic molecules having stable radicals and its EDMR under the FET operation. She is currently developing a microscopic EDMR system.
She is a graduate of Osaka City University (BSc, 2021) and currently a special research student from Osaka Metropolitan University.


Takaki Arakawa

Bachelor Student


Takaki is curious about the state of the cells at different temperature and is going to study it. He would like to further develop the research in the future master's course.


Hiromu Nakashima

Bachelor Student


Hiromu is interested in measurement device mechanism and nanodiamonds and is studying microwave antennas and loop gap resonator. He was a transfer student from National Institute of Technology Tsuyama college in 2021.