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In Okayama Univ. (2021.4~)

  • Muhammad Wahyu Nugraha: 2022.10-2023.12

  • Dr. Yajuan Zou: 2021.4-2023.3
    Assistant Professor

  • ​Yuta Ikado: 2021.4-2023.3
    MSc: Development of fast thermometry fluorescence microscope using nanodiamond electron spin measurement 

  • Hina Kobayashi: 2022.4-2023.3
    MSc: Evaluation of field–effect transistor performance of pentacene–stable radical linked system and operand electrically detected magnetic resonance measurement for carrier dynamics and device performance

In Osaka City Univ. (from 2016.10 to 2021.3)

  • Yumi Umehara: 2017.7-2021.3
    Technical assistant

  • Dr. Yushi Nishimura: 2018.4-2020.3
    Project Assistant Professor

  • Ken Suto: 2019.4-2020.3
    BSc: In-vivo cellular nanodiamond thermometry

  • Masaya Sato: 2017.04 - 2019.03
    Assistant: for developing experimental hardwares

  • Alexander Dohms: 2018.8-2018.9
    Lab. intern: Development of realtime quantum thermometry system

  • Makoto Miyazaki: 2018.4-2019.3
    BSc: Fabrication of optical nanofibers using moving-frame method

  • Ryuta Tsukahara: 2016.4-2019.3
    (co-suporvised with Prof. Shikata at Kwansei Gakuin Univ.)
    M. Eng.: NV centers and nonfluorescent defects in N-doped bulk diamonds

  • Yuta Ueda: 2017.4-2018.3
    BSc: Surface modification of fluorescent nanodiamonds and their electron spin properties

  • Yuriko Matsumoto: 2017.3-2017.6
    Administrative staff

  • Akihiro Shimizu, MSc: 2016.11 - 2017.3
    Administrative staff

  • Syoma Matsui: 2017.2 - 2017.3
    Assistant: for developing laboratory network infrastructure

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