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Diversity Statement

NANOCHEMISTRY Lab Members are committed to fostering diversity in the workplace. We promise to provide equal opportunities for all our members with respect to research, education, and every aspect of laboratory life. We believe strong diversity should be established both in scientific and social aspects, that is, we encourage a variety of scientific backgrounds and diversity in gender, nationality, race, ethnicity, age, and disability. We believe our commitment to foster such an inclusive environment is key to innovative and creative research, and more importantly, to our well-being. We understand that this environment can never be achieved simply by declaring this statement. Rather, we must strive to find barriers in our everyday lives and remove them to foster a better environment. 

We have defined several goals that we seek to achieve:

  • Diversity and gender equality

  • Realizing unconscious biases and equal opportunity actions

  • Equal opportunities for education and research 

  • Efficient teamwork through the sharing of knowledge and resources

At Okayama University, you can find a variety of programs and support from the Diversity Management Office.

Click the link for more information.



  • 多様性とジェンダーの平等

  • 無意識のバイアスへの理解

  • 研究と教育における構成員の機会均等

  • ​知識や資源の共有によるチーム研究



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