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Optically Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Techiniques for Device Characterization

Optically detected magnetic resonance in fluorescent nanodiamonds is a technique that shows the great potential of hybridizing magnetic resonance phenomenon with optical microscopy. Optical microscopy along with fluorescent nanodiamonds can be used to detect local temperatures at the nanoscale. We recently determined that the temperature of fluorescent nanodiamonds attached to a glass substrate differs from that of the substrate [1]. This is because of the temperature difference between the atmosphere and the substrate, suggesting that there is a nanoscale distribution in temperature. It is extremely difficult to accurately measure the true surface temperature of a substrate using currently available technology. As another example of such hybrid technology, although magnetic resonance has been used to detect spin charges in organic devices; thus far, only the temperature of the entire device has been successfully measured. If we can combine magnetic resonance techniques with optical microscopy, we should be able to determine the spatial inhomogeneity of spin charges. Therefore, our aim is to develop such novel analytical technology using nanodevices and nanomaterials based on these concepts.


[1] Fujiwara et al., Phys. Rev. Research 2, 043415 (2020).

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